Riverside Elementary PTO


Welcome to the Riverside Elementary PTO Website! Here, you can find information about our upcoming events, ways we support the school, and how to get involved.  Our goal is that if you have questions, you can always come back here to find the answers...and if not, we are just an email away.

We we are reminded constantly how fortunate we are to be in this amazing school community! In times of challenges, and in opportunity, we are always grateful to our amazing parents, teachers, and staff, and the collective willingness to stay positive and engaged for our children and their education. 

Many thanks to our teachers, administration and staff for all of the hard work they are put in each and every day!

If you ever have questions, please contact us and we can help! 


The Riverside 2023-24 PTO Board of Directors
Kelsay Hough, Janelle Lalum, Colleen McDonald, Olivia McGregor, and Carina Davio